Jun 14 2018
The East Bay Times posted a brief on the Alameda Municipal Power – Amber Kinetics energy storage project which allows Amber Kinetics to demonstrate the kinetic energy storage system on an active distribution system. Read...
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Jun 08 2018
Jun 07 2018
ALAMEDA, CA – Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is partnering with a clean energy technology company that is commercializing an innovative, cost-effective solution for storing electricity. Amber Kinetics, based in Union City, is connecting to Alameda’s electricity grid as...
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May 10 2018
Electrical Engineer will be developing DC-AC inverter and DC-DC converter products for our flywheel energy storage systems. The ideal candidate has experience in power electronics circuit design for renewable energy, electric vehicle or industrial applications, and...
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May 09 2018
The Front-end Software Engineer will develop user-facing software for the control, management, and visualization of flywheel energy storage systems. The Engineer will be responsible for user-interface software that is responsible for real-time control of energy...
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