Apr 18 2017
Shifts Load in Cost Effective Manner An  independent study released this week by California’s Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) concludes that Amber Kinetics’ four-hour discharge duration flywheel storage technology (FES) effectively shifts load in a...
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Apr 12 2017
Job Description Amber Kinetics is looking for a mechanical engineer to assist with the engineering design and development of flywheel energy storage systems. The candidate must have mechanical design experience, preferably with rotating machinery or complex mechanical...
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Mar 23 2017
Amber Kinetics, the leading manufacturer of long discharge duration flywheel energy storage technology, is seeking a Director of Business Development to join its world class team. The Amber Kinetics system provides non-degradable 4-hour capacity and unlimited...
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Feb 20 2017
Amber Kinetics was featured in a Science Friday segment on NPR radio entitled, “Booting up the Search for Better Batteries.” Host Ira Flatow interviewed Yahoo Finance tech columnist David Pogue who discussed what he learned while doing research for his...
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Feb 17 2017
Amber Kinetics is a rapidly growing high-tech manufacturer of utility-scale, flywheel energy storage systems. We are recruiting an ambitious, versatile team to build a revolutionary company focused on creating breakthrough products for a renewable energy future....
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