Mar 12 2018
Jan 24 2018
Manufacturing Engineer will help create a world-class factory producing cutting-edge flywheel energy storage systems. You will work with design engineers, assemblers, machinists, and external equipment suppliers to develop production capacity from low-volume,...
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Jan 16 2018
Amber Kinetics, the leading manufacturer of long discharge duration flywheel energy storage technology, is seeking a Senior Business Development Manager to join its world class team. The Amber Kinetics system provides non-degradable 4-hour capacity and unlimited...
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Jan 09 2018
In this new article from Popular Science, Dawn Lippert, CEO of Elemental Excelerator, seeks to answer the question, “Is it smart–or crazy stupid–to rely solely on wind, solar and hydro?” She notes that in 2009, Ed Chiao, a UCLA engineering...
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Dec 07 2017