The Frontend Software Engineer will develop user-facing software for the control, management, and visualization of flywheel energy storage systems. The Engineer will be responsible for user-interface software that is responsible for real-time control of energy storage systems, as well as data visualization and presentation software. The position will require architecting efficient and maintainable code that interacts with a variety of platforms and systems.

At Amber Kinetics, we value a healthy work-life balance, engineering-driven decision-making, and developer autonomy and agency. We offer and encourage opportunities for personal and technical growth, and the chance to pioneer new technologies and architectures to solve consequential problems. The company aims to develop the world-leading energy storage technology to catalyze the renewable energy revolution, and is looking for candidates that share that vision and dedication.

Required Experience and Skills

  • B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related degree
  • Strong programming experience in JavaScript or Typescript, including understanding of functional programming, closures, and asynchronous programming
  • Strong experience in HTML/CSS, understanding of layout, specificity
  • Ability to work collaboratively to produce high quality interdependent code
  • Experience with version control software such as Git
  • Experience with unit testing, user interface testing and usability testing

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • Experience in data visualization, including D3.js
  • Experience with cross-platform frameworks such as Electron
  • Experience with React

Personal Qualities

A good fit with our team is important – we value collaboration, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, tenacity, individual responsibility and attention to detail.

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 Company Description

Amber Kinetics is developing a game-changing low cost grid-scale energy storage technology. We have partnerships with major utilities and strong financial backing. Our team has a broad and deep skill set encompassing multiple engineering disciplines as well as project development. We offer competitive compensation and equity packages, and a healthy work-life balance. Our headquarters is located in Union City, CA. Amber Kinetics is an equal opportunity employer.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary and equity package commensurate with experience
  • 401k Matching Plan
  • Medical, Dental and Vision