Dr. Seth Sanders, co-founder and chief scientist of Amber Kinetics, and a professor of electrical engineering at @UCBerkeley, was recently featured on “10 Questions with Stan and Susan,” a podcast on @KCBSRadio. The award-winning morning anchors on Northern California’s all-news radio station used the opportunity to learn how Amber Kinetics’ kinetic energy storage system (KESS) improves upon other forms of #energystorage. Among the benefits cited by Dr. Sanders are scalability, efficiency, improved fire safety, flexibility and more. Unlike energy storage solutions such as pumped hydro, Amber Kinetics’ KESS can be located where power is needed and able to be dispatched; i.e., it can be co-located with transmission infrastructure and load. And because the #flywheel is 98% steel, the system can withstand extreme temperatures without the need for HVAC or water cooling. Listen to podcast.