(Union City, CA –) Amber Kinetics, Inc. has re-focused its international marketing strategy to respond to rapidly growing global demand for its game-changing, four-hour discharge duration flywheel energy storage technology. The company’s new five-year strategic plan calls for an acceleration of equipment deployment, and a de-emphasis on project development, announced Ed Chiao, co-founder and CEO.

Amber Kinetics is currently shipping its M32 (8 kW / 32 kWh) units to customers around the world; its next generation of more powerful, cost-effective flywheels — the M160 (40kW / 160kWh), will begin testing in the first quarter of 2018.

“We are receiving strong market signals internationally, as well as in the United States, showing near-term global demand for our flywheel energy storage systems,” Chiao stated. “Interest in and orders for our commercially available M32 unit are coming from rapidly expanding storage markets in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, China, Africa and South America, and the Philippines, and there is even greater interest in purchasing the M160 for utility-scale projects.”

As a result, the company will no longer pursue development of Energy Nuevo, its 20 MW energy storage project with PG&E in California. “It was a difficult decision,” Chiao said. “Being selected in a competitive bidding process validated our value proposition and gave us important industry-wide recognition. But Energy Nuevo would have required almost $10 million in security deposits and development costs. When we compared investing a similar amount in bringing the M160 to market on schedule, and focusing on generating greater near-term revenue, we chose to prioritize commercialization over project development.”

Amber Kinetics’ long-duration all-steel flywheel has advantages over battery and conventional peaking resources for demand reduction, energy arbitrage, renewable energy firming, and frequency regulation on a grid- and micro-grid scale. The flywheels incur no capacity degradation, have unlimited daily cycling capability and $0 variable O&M for 24/7 operation. In addition, the flywheel energy storage systems are highly efficient, fully recyclable at end-of-life and carry no hazardous materials risk.

Headquartered in Union City, CA, Amber Kinetics began shipping its flywheels commercially in September 2016. To date, the company’s fleet of demonstration and commercial units has accumulated 20,000 hours of run time domestically and abroad.

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