Jun 03 2019
May 21 2019
Apr 22 2019
Every day is #EarthDay2019 at Amber Kinetics since unlike a battery storage system, our safe, sustainable four-hour Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) contain no chemicals. As a result, there is no risk of fire or requirement for gaseous or chemical fire suppression...
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Mar 15 2019
Amber Kinetics’ co-founder and chief scientist Seth Sanders, PhD, will participate in Monday’s plenary session of APEC 2019, in Anaheim on forging new pathways in the application and technology of power electronics. Dr. Sanders will discuss how flywheels can be...
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Feb 27 2019
Dr. Seth Sanders, co-founder and chief scientist of Amber Kinetics, and a professor of electrical engineering at @UCBerkeley, is a featured presenter at the Monday plenary session of APEC 2019, in Anaheim March 17-21. The sessions on will feature a roster of industry...
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Feb 11 2019
On Tuesday, February 26, Mark Stout, Amber Kinetics’ Vice President, Development Engineering  will discuss the company’s innovative kinetic energy storage system during a panel on Mechanical Storage Innovations at the California Energy Storage Association (CESA)’s...
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