Every day is #EarthDay2019 at Amber Kinetics since unlike a battery storage system, our safe, sustainable four-hour Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) contain no chemicals. As a result, there is no risk of fire or requirement for gaseous or chemical fire suppression systems. There is also no risk of chemical release or soil contamination, no air emissions, and no water consumption or disposal.

Since approximately 98% of the storage system equipment is steel, it can be recycled at the end of its 30-year design life. The flywheels run silently and without vibration.

They’re also excellent at smoothing and time shifting solar power for commercial and utility applications. That adds up to: 1) enhanced ability to integrate more solar into the grid; 2) a happier planet.

Demonstration of solar power smoothing and time shifting at Hawaiian Electric Company-Amber Kinetics Flywheel Pilot Project