The Motor Control Engineer will develop software and controls for a flywheel energy storage system. The responsibilities will include the development of robust, controls of power electronics on an embedded platform, the development of high-performance motor controls using modern control techniques, and the development of robust fault and protection behavior for high-power electrical systems. The engineer must be able to develop software and controls for high-reliability, fault-tolerant performance and utilize best practices for code quality and maintainability. The engineer will also be responsible for modeling and characterization of the control system and powertrain, and field testing of the controls in live flywheel systems.

Required Experience and Skills

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • 5+ years experience with control of high-voltage (> 600V) and high-power (> 2kW) motor drives.
  • Strong experience in motor control techniques, such as field-oriented control.
  • Strong experience in embedded C/C++ programming and microcontroller architecture.
  • High-degree of familiarity with debugging high-voltage electronics.
  • Strong experience in modeling and simulation with Simulink or similar software.

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • Experience in the electric power industry.
  • Familiarity with Texas Instruments microcontrollers and toolsets.
  • Familiarity with 30-150 kW level grid-tied inverters.
  • Graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) in electrical engineering or related field.

Personal Qualities

A good fit for our team is important – we value collaboration, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, tenacity, individual responsibility and attention to detail.

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Amber Kinetics designs and manufactures kinetic energy storage systems based on advanced flywheel technology. Our product is the world’s first cost-effective, four-hour flywheel energy storage system for utility-scale applications.  Our mission is to accelerate global adoption of energy storage by commercializing our advanced, cost-disruptive flywheel technology to provide a lower cost and higher performing alternative to fossil fuel generation.

We offer competitive compensation and a healthy work-life balance. Our Headquarters is in Union City, CA. Amber Kinetics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary and equity package commensurate with experience
  • 401k Matching
  • Medical/Dental/Vision