Priority one for testing and operation

Amber Kinetics has developed a comprehensive, five-step approach to flywheel safety. Our methodology encompasses design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and operation. We believe that safety begins with design and appropriate manufacturing processes.


In the design phase, we hold conservative margins on peak stress and cyclic fatigue that are consistent with aerospace engineering standards. Our system employs ball bearings which are rated to carry the full weight of the rotor.


Our rotor material is produced using a commercially proven manufacturing process that yields the cleanest, highest-grade steel available.


Finished rotors are scanned for both surface and bulk defects. Additionally, every rotor is qualified through an overspeed tested by spinning above the maximum operating speed range prior to being placed into service.


As a redundant safety measure, our units are installed below grade.


Each flywheel is monitored 24/7/365 by sensors which can detect imbalance and initiate a controlled shut down.