The Senior Software Engineer will develop software for control, monitoring, and orchestration of flywheel energy storage systems, with a focus on producing robust, fault-tolerant software. The engineer will be designing and developing critical system code responsible for the coordination of a large number of distributed electro-mechanical systems with high reliability. This position will emphasize robust programming practices in testing, verification, and reliability in developing multi-threaded, asynchronous, low-latency code.

Required Experience and Skills

  • B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related degree
  • Strong programming experience in C#
  • Strong experience in backend application development
  • Strong experience in developing robust code in multi-threaded, asynchronous environments
  • Ability to work collaboratively to produce high quality interdependent code
  • Experience with version control software such as Git
  • Experience with unit testing, integration testing, and system testing

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • Experience in electric power industry
  • Experience with cybersecurity
  • Experience with networking and communications
  • Experience with distributed systems

Personal Qualities

A good fit with our team is important – we value collaboration, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, tenacity, individual responsibility and attention to detail.

At Amber Kinetics, we value a healthy work-life balance, engineering-driven decision-making, and developer autonomy and agency. We offer and encourage opportunities for personal and technical growth, and the chance to pioneer new technologies and architectures to solve consequential problems. The company aims to develop the world-leading energy storage technology to catalyze the renewable energy revolution, and is looking for candidates that share that vision and dedication.

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary and equity package commensurate with experience
  • 401k Matching
  • Medical/Dental/Vision

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About the Company

Amber Kinetics designs and manufactures kinetic energy storage systems based on advanced flywheel technology. Our product is the world’s first cost-effective, four-hour flywheel energy storage system for utility-scale applications.  Our mission is to accelerate global adoption of energy storage by commercializing our advanced, cost-disruptive flywheel technology to provide a lower cost and higher performing alternative to fossil fuel generation.  We offer competitive compensation, and a healthy work-life balance. Our Headquarters is in Union City, CA. Amber Kinetics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.