Amber Assurance

Protect your investment

Amber Kinetics is committed to providing the most-advanced flywheel technology in addition to a world-class service organization—backed by the industry’s most comprehensive protection plans.

Product Warranty

Our standard 10-year product warranty ensures that any mechanical defects are remedied to maintain optimal performance.

Performance Warranty

Offered in both standard and extended packages, performance warranties provide end-to-end protection should a flywheel system dip in performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Much like taking preventative measures to protect a new car, Amber Kinetics has built both standard and extended preventative maintenance packages to provide peace of mind for your energy investment.


Product Warranties

To protect your energy investment, Amber Kinetics offers a standard 10-year product warranty which covers mechanical defects of the product.

Performance Warranties

To further protect your energy investment, Amber Kinetics also offers standard and extended performance warranties.

Standard Performance Warranty: Energy throughput 116 MWh for 10 years based on standard test protocol

Extended Performance Warranty: Energy throughput 58 MWh for 5 years based on standard test protocol. Offered at 5-year intervals after year 10 to year 20

Preventative Maintenance

The Amber Assurance also includes the option for Preventative Maintenance packages. This includes the replacement of flywheel components based on a predetermined maintenance schedule.

Standard Package

Offered for 10 years, our standard preventative maintenance package allows you to maximize your investment over the lifetime of your project

Extended Package

Offered in 5-year intervals for up to 20 years, our extended preventative maintenance package allows for the ultimate protection when paired with our extended warranty