Dr. Seth Sanders, co-founder and chief scientist of Amber Kinetics, and a professor of electrical engineering at @UCBerkeley, is a featured presenter at the Monday plenary session of APEC 2019, in Anaheim March 17-21. The sessions on will feature a roster of industry leaders whose companies are forging new pathways in the application and technology of power electronics. Dr. Sanders will discuss how flywheels can be economically designed to meet multi-hour energy shifting applications which are essential for provision of capacity and extended integration of variable renewable generation. He will also discuss Amber Kinetics’ M32 kinetic energy storage system, which provides 32 kWh of power for up to a four-hour duration. Amber Kinetics is a technology developer and manufacturer of grid-scale flywheel energy storage systems. APEC 2019 will bring together about 4,500 professionals involved in power electronics for five days of technical education, networking, hands-on learning, and strategic business development.