Our Commitment to Sustainability

Amber Kinetics’ mission is to provide an emission-free, economical and safe energy storage solution—creating reliable energy infrastructure around the world. At our core, sustainability is in our DNA as a company. While we focus on delivering this mission globally, we also recognize the importance of evaluating our own product, supply chain and operations for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint today and in the future.

Unlike other energy storage providers, our supply chain is far less susceptible to volatility in the global economy. Our flywheels consist of a simple yet powerful steel design—allowing for predictability and stability in our supply chain.

Our flywheels also use readily and widely available materials as we do not use rare earth materials, resulting in a less carbon intense manufacturing process.


Sustainability Highlights

  • Mining is a carbon intensive process; we do not need to mine for any materials use in our flywheels
  • We have pricing stability which allows us to look into the future with our product roadmap and design only the most efficient and cost-effect products
  • Our flywheels are made up of 50% recycled steel and do not contain any toxic or hazardous materials, nor do they emit any hazardous waste over their lifetime. This eliminates the need to for highly specialized hazardous waste handling.
  • The production of a battery cell requires sourcing of as much as 20 different materials from around the world, which will pass through several refining stages – which is not the case for our flywheels.
  • If a flywheel is damaged and/or at the end of its lifecycle, we are committed to the safe handling of our products. We work with our customers to find the best solution for decommissioned flywheels—whether we bring the flywheel back to our R&D facilities to be re-purposed or we facilitate the recycling process.

The Industry’s Only Long-Duration Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)—Enabling Highly Efficient Industrial and Commercial Applications