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Amber Kinetics: Longer Duration, Lower Cost Flywheels


Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)

At the heart of our Kinetic Energy Storage System is a flywheel which converts and stores electrical energy in a rotating mass. Flywheels offer several advantages over batteries: unlimited daily cycling capability, high round-trip efficiency, zero capacity degradation and no chemical reactions. However until now, flywheels have faced two unique challenges – high cost and short duration.


Amber Kinetics co-founder Dr. Seth Sanders first solved the fundamental cost challenge by re-developing the flywheel rotor’s metallurgical properties, evolving and refining the low-carbon steel alloy’s chemistry and processing steps to achieve a nearly ideal crystalline structure in the final part. The resulting combination is a low-cost, high-strength rotor, which is capable of achieving higher performance than traditional steels.


Extending the discharge duration from minutes to hours was the second challenge. It was solved by innovating in the electromagnetics and power conversion steps involved in accelerating and decelerating the flywheel, enabling nearly zero-loss operation of the storage system in standby mode.

Whereas previous generations of flywheels were limited to between 1-15 minutes of duration, Amber Kinetics’ breakthrough in electromagnetics enables the company to offer customers 4 hours of discharge duration, and can be extended even longer if needed.