Flexible capacity, maximum value



Compelling Value

With a 30-year design life, the Amber Kinetics® Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) offers customers maximum flexibility and eliminates the cost of replacing worn out chemical battery stacks approximately every 10 years. And with no degradation in capacity, our systems are not required to be overbuilt to guarantee contracted capacity. Our system is over 95% steel by weight — one of the most abundant and cost/strength efficient commodities available, enabling lower initial cost points. O&M is minimal. Bearings, the primary replacement component, need maintenance just once every 10 years, and can be serviced in the field.

Operational Flexibility

Amber Kinetics’ KESS features a 30-year design life with unlimited daily cycling and no power degradation, making it very attractive to utilities seeking applications ranging from flexible peaking capacity to load following and all ancillary service uses. The system requires no air or water cooling. It can operate in extreme high and low temperatures with no loss of efficiency, and requires no auxiliary temperature control.

Safe and Sustainable

The Amber Kinetics KESS contains no chemicals or hazardous materials and poses no risk of fire. The system requires no hazardous materials storage or disposal and the risk of hazardous emissions is eliminated. At end of life, the product which is nearly all-steel, can be recycled.